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Beef Steak

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A selection of carefully chosen salami and cheeses. Perfect for sharing tasty moments in friendly company.

CHF 30.00

Tagliere Misto

Image of Tagliere Misto


Tender beef carpaccio, thinly sliced and finished with a fine marinade of olive oil and lemon juice. Served on a bed of crisp…

CHF 23.00

Carpaccio Di Manzo

Image of Carpaccio Di Manzo


Classic Italian salad with ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and balsamic glaze.

CHF 14.00

Caprese Salad

Image of Caprese Salad


Layers of juicy baked aubergine combine harmoniously with the rich tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella cheese. Hints of basil and aged Parmesan cheese give this dish an irresistible flavour that enchants the senses.

CHF 18.00


Image of Parmigiana


A skilful composition of tender meat refined with selected spices and extra virgin olive oil. A feast for the palate that will delight your taste buds.

CHF 44.00

Battuta Al Coltello

Image of Battuta Al Coltello


Squid and prawns are fried in a crispy golden batter. The perfect balance of tenderness and texture. A delicate starter that brings the best of the sea to your plate.

CHF 22.00

Fritto Misto di Pesce

Image of Fritto Misto di Pesce

First Courses


Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino is a simple yet sophisticated pasta creation. Cooked just right, the spaghetti is sautéed in olive oil with freshly chopped garlic and hot chilli flakes. The combination of savoury spiciness and delicate flavours gives this dish an intense flavour that invigorates the senses. Perfect for lovers of classic Italian cuisine.

CHF 18.00

Spaghetti Aglio , Olio e Peperoncino

Image of Spaghetti Aglio , Olio e Peperoncino


Our Black Angus ragout is a delicious combination of fine meat and aromatic sauce. The ragout is carefully prepared using tender Black Angus beef that is slowly braised for maximum tenderness and flavour. The rich sauce combines aromas of rosemary and other selected spices that perfectly match the taste of the meat. A culinary excellence for meat lovers that enhances the quality and flavour of the pasta in every bite.

CHF 23.00

Spaghetti Bolognese di Black Angus

Image of Spaghetti Bolognese di  Black Angus


tomato sauce, smell, anchovies, capers and garlic

CHF 21.00

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

Image of Spaghetti alla Puttanesca


Gnocchi alla sorrentina are a delicacy that captures the taste of Italy. The tender potato gnocchi are combined with a soft tomato sauce, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese. Baking results in a tempting combination of melted cheese and crunchiness. An irresistible dish that captures the spirit of the sunny Sorrento land and evokes it on the plate.

CHF 21.00

Gnocchi alla Sorrentina

Image of Gnocchi alla Sorrentina


Rigatoni alla Carbonara is an appetising homage to traditional Roman cuisine. Rigatoni pasta, cooked al dente, is tossed in a rich sauce of egg yolks, grated pecorino cheese and plenty of pancetta. This delicious combination creates a creamy yet hearty texture that conveys pure pleasure with every bite. A timeless favourite for true pasta lovers.

CHF 22.00

Rigatoni Carbonara

Image of Rigatoni Carbonara


Rigatoni all'Amatriciana are a homage to the flavours of the Lazio region. Rigatoni cooked al dente are seasoned with a tasty tomato sauce, plenty of guanciale (smoked bacon), onions and a pinch of hot chilli pepper. This rich combination of flavours gives the dish a distinctive flavour that awakens the taste buds. A traditional Italian dish that encapsulates the warmth and authenticity of Roman cuisine.

CHF 22.00

Rigatoni Amatriciana

Image of Rigatoni Amatriciana


Pancetta and saffron penne are a simple and colorful first course! The crunchiness of the smoked bacon, browned in the pan, is balanced by the creaminess of the cooking cream, while the saffron gives a note of liveliness to the dish.

CHF 22.00

Penne della Casa

Image of Penne della Casa


rocket pesto, lime, Oil and Grana padano

CHF 18.00

Penne al Pesto di Rucola e Lime

Image of Penne al Pesto di Rucola e Lime


Lasagne della Casa are a real treat, prepared with love and care. Layers of fresh pasta alternate with a rich Black Angus Bolognese sauce, velvety béchamel sauce and freshly grated cheese. The lasagne is then baked in the oven until golden brown, creating an irresistible combination of flavours and textures. An unforgettable taste of homemade tradition.

CHF 25.00

Lasagna della Casa

Image of Lasagna della Casa


Our Risotto Zur Traube is an exquisite combination of flavours and aromas, mainly those of Amarone wine. The velvety Gorgonzola cheese lends a creamy texture and a strong, pungent flavour that contrasts with the bitterness of the radicchio, while the walnuts provide a crunchy touch. The result is a risotto that appeals to the senses with a harmonious fusion of wine and cheese. An exquisite choice for the most discerning palates.

CHF 29.00

Risotto Zur Traube

Image of Risotto Zur Traube


Risotto allo Scoglio is prepared with a rich variety of seafood cooked in a delicate sauce of white wine, garlic and fresh herbs, giving the risotto a rich and aromatic profile. A perfect choice for fish lovers looking for an alternative to seafood.

CHF 25.00

Risotto allo Scoglio

Image of Risotto allo Scoglio


Linguine alle Vongole is a delicious Italian delicacy that captures the fresh flavours of the sea. Cooked al dente, the linguine pasta is served with a delicate sauce of clams, garlic, fresh tomatoes, olive oil and a touch of parsley. The tender clams open to reveal their succulent flavour, which combines beautifully with the pasta. A light yet flavourful dish that represents Italian cuisine at its best.

CHF 22.00

Linguine Alle Vongole

Image of Linguine Alle Vongole

Main curse


A mixture of roasted meats with a side dish of your choice and a variety of sauces to satisfy every palate. A delight for meat lovers, perfect for sharing a moment of conviviality and goodness with your loved ones (dish quantity suitable for two people). To guarantee maximum freshness, the mix of meats on the plate may vary based on availability, but not in size. Enjoy succulent steaks, flavorful sausages, tender ribs, and grilled chicken, all expertly marinated with our secret spices and grilled to perfection.

CHF 71.00




A portion of beef tenderloin, carefully selected for its tenderness and extraordinary flavor, is grilled to perfection to ensure even cooking and an irresistible outer crust. Try the green pepper variant, which perfectly balances the spiciness of the pepper. The result is a dish that combines the delicacy of the fillet with the boldness of green pepper, creating a symphony of flavors that will satisfy the palate of gourmets.

CHF 62.00

FILETTO (200gr)

Image of FILETTO (200gr)


Beef entrecôte expertly roasted to ensure a golden crust and succulent, tender meat inside. A culinary experience that celebrates the quality and goodness of first-choice meat. We offer a variant with rich and aromatic green pepper sauce or with an irresistible mushroom sauce.

CHF 52.00


Image of ENTRECOTE DI MANZO (300 gr)


The Fiorentina is grilled to perfection in our Josper oven, guaranteeing slow cooking over an open flame which maximizes the goodness and flavor of the meat, making every bite an unforgettable experience. Fiorentina, also known as T-Bone Steak, is a masterpiece of grilled meat.

CHF 128.00




A succulent ribeye, expertly grilled, boasts a golden crust and tender, flavorful meat inside. Alongside this meaty masterpiece, you'll find spiced roasted potatoes, which pair perfectly with the smoky flavor of the grill. The result is a dish that satisfies your desire for top-quality meat and your desire for enveloping, spicy flavors.

CHF 65.00

COSTATA (650gr)

Image of COSTATA (650gr)


Tomahawk Steak is a long-boned ribeye steak with an ax handle, a work of culinary art served with spiced potatoes on the side. This delicious cut is slow-grilled to perfection in our Josper oven for a golden crust and succulent, flavourful meat. Tomahawk Steak reflects our commitment to quality and passion for meat.

CHF 130.00


Image of TOMAHAWK (1.2 Kg)


The scallops in red wine are an intense and tasty second course, also suitable for more elegant dinners. Alternative version of the more classic scallops with white wine or lemon, in this variant they acquire stronger and more marked flavours. Soft and juicy pork slices floured and cooked in a pan with red wine and pepper.

CHF 24.00




Swordfish grilled to perfection to enhance its simplicity and beauty. For a touch of authenticity, you can opt for our Mediterranean variant where the swordfish is delicately seasoned with fresh cherry tomatoes, black olives, capers, oregano and white wine, all carefully cooked to create a sauce that captures the main flavors of the Mediterranean.

CHF 34.00